Mom and daughter prove that independence and bucking societal norms make for a happy, loving life!


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  • Love it Amie! Your site is wonderful and I love reading about your adventures. I have subscribed and followed you on all your platforms. I am looking forward to watching this grow and expand. Go girl!

  • Hi Amie! You checked out my blog so I felt I should check out yours as well. Very nice! Looks like you made quite the leap in moving to Europe! That is actually something I’ve wanted to do but with my job it’s not very easy. But I do get to travel quite frequently so don’t feel too bad for me. Haha. I watched your YouTube video in Madrid and you guys look like you’re having a blast! Best of luck in Spain! I’ll be following your blog! 🙂

    • Thank you so much for checking out my blog! It is still fairly new, but I am documenting each of our adventures! Have a wonderful Christmas with your family!

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